Geeks & Gamers Uncensored...

Let's Be Reelz is a LIVE talk show on, we are a Geek Culture Production Company since 2015. We are all proud Nerds/Geeks who enjoy a laid back conversation filled with fun, laughter, and an over abundance of NSFW. Let's Be Reelz airs live every Saturday at 9pm EST. 

Call 646-668-2231 to talk to us live on the show! We look forward to your call and listening to your thoughts and opinions!

Let's Be Reelz provides you with well edited podcast about movies, tv shows, gaming, and well....pretty much anything nerdy you want to talk about. Wanna dive into comic books and authors? We can produce that for you! Wanna talk RP and table top games? We can produce that! Whether you want your voice to be heard live or edited, LBR has your back. We service only to an adult audience and do not consider ourselves to be "Family Friendly". We proudly carry an explicit tag as we feel that free words are honest words. We keep things sofa king reelz.

 We also enjoy to travel abroad and attend Comic/Anime Cons all throughout the states to host panels for our fans and celebrate the team effort of the LBR Family! This exact form of support and travel has brought us a lot of success as well as a highly well known and reputable sponsor, Markwho42! Our very own Iggy Mathews, Anchor Woman for Markwho42, really tightens the bond between both groups. Special thanks to the fearless leader of Markwho42, Mark Baumgarten, for his continuous support and devotion to Let's Be Reelz. You can listen to Mark, Iggy, Zion and Trish on Krypton Radio, iTunes, Google Play Store or go to their website-